Here's a few great blogs that we like on EM and critical care

Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) - Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson's brilliant blog on EM and critical care

Resus.ME - Cliff Reid's blog covering ICU, EM, EMS, pediatrics, and much more


Check this out for great updates on literature and current topics in the #FOAMed world

ERCast - Rob Orman's podcast on all things emergency medicine

EMCrit - Scott Weingart's thoughts on ED intensive care that never disappoints.  Not the first, but probably the best out there right now

EMBasic - A "boot camp" put together by Steve Carroll on how to work up any and every chief complaint in the acute setting

The RAGE Podcast - Round table discussions with critical care attendings from Australia, the US, and UK


The best places to go once you've finished House of God

GomerBlog - The Onion-style news stories with a medical spin